Use Our Accessories for Easy Cleaning

We know that keeping your business clean and healthy is a full-time job. That’s why we’ve developed a full line of accessories to complement our American-made and environmentally – friendly disinfecting products. Our accessories can help you get the most out of our medical-grade solutions by facilitating a more efficient cleaning process. We recommend pairing our products with the right accessories for maximum effectiveness; when used together, they create a powerful combination of cleaning power and convenience. We offer everything from hand towels to hand pumps so that you can customize the perfect cleaning system for your needs.

Accessories for Efficient Disinfection of Your Property

Save Time and Money

We offer a variety of accessories that you can use with our disinfecting and cleaning products!


  1. BioBlast Hand Cleanser: This hand cleanser is specially formulated to keep your hands clean when you’re out and about or even at home or work. 
  2. Microfiber Towels (3 packs): Use these towels to wipe down surfaces after using our products for best cleaning results! They’re perfect for any surface, and they’re reusable! Just throw them in the laundry when you’re done using them, and they’ll be good as new!
  3. BioBlast KN95 Face Mask 50ct: This mask features a triple layer design that protects your face from harmful germs. It also reduces irritation caused by dust and other allergens while allowing free breathing while wearing it.
  4. Manual Hand Pump for 55-Gallon Drum: if you’re using our 55-gallon drums of disinfectant, we recommend using this pump to transfer the product from one place to another. BioBlasting does not guarantee that other pumps are compatible with our product.

Start Your Next Cleaning Project on the Right Foot

Improve Your Process

Our BioBlasting team is always looking for ways to improve your disinfecting experience. We want you to be able to keep your home and office safe from harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. One way we do this is by providing accessories that complement our disinfecting products. When it comes to keeping your home or workplace safe for your family, staff, customers, or clients, these accessories are just as important as any disinfectant product we offer. Our disinfecting products will make sure that every surface of your household or facility is clean and sanitized. We’ve got everything you need to keep yourself and your staff clean and ready for the next patients or customers who walk through the door.

Our Accessories for Efficient Disinfection

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our high-quality BioBlast products.

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