What is HOCl?

HOCl is pH neutral, super-oxidized water generated by electrolysis of a dilute salt solution passing through an electrolytic cell. This process creates large volumes of a gentle but extremely potent antimicrobial solution capable of rapid reduction of bacteria, viruses, spores, scale and biofilm.

Why is HOCl better than Traditional Chemical Cleaners?
  • Cost effective and can be used in multiple applications in a wide variety of industries
  • Superior germicidal, biocidal, fungicidal and sporicidal properties compared to its traditional chemical counterparts, making it more effective than traditional caustic products
  • Removes biofilm and decimates any living organisms
  • Non-toxic, non-fuming, non-synthetic, and safe for humans, animals, and the environment
  • No microbial resistance
  • Works fast, less than a 15 second kill time
  • Leaves no residue
How is HOCl used?

BioBlasting offers special applicators that gently mist HOCl onto surfaces and provide a no-wipe technology that will save time, money and help reduce human error. HOCl also cleans the air acting as a disinfectant and can be sprayed onto almost any surface including:

  • Carpets
  • Drapes
  • Countertops
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Floors
  • Chairs
  • Hand railings
  • Toys
  • Tables
  • Phones
  • Doors and knobs
  • Into the air